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Strategic Goals


Goal 1

Nurture the Young Blockchain Entrepreneur Leaders of Tomorrow

For the continuity of innovation and development of the Blockchain Industry in Hong Kong, there should be a talent pipelineand The Blockchain Association of Hong Kong offers internship programs to enable this long-term cultivation of young talent. Business leaders are not just resourceful; they can be important for making positive changes in the society.


Goal 2

Strengthen and Connect the Hong Kong and International Blockchain Community

People have an even bigger desire for a sense of belonging and purpose in times of uncertainty. The Blockchain Association of Hong Kong’s networking events are crucial as a facilitator for different stakeholders of the industry to get together to make a positive change. We will organize quarterly townhall meetings to discuss current issues affecting the blockchain industry in general with the purpose of compiling an unified voice to represent the Hong Kong Blockchain industry.


Goal 3

Raise Public Awareness and Understanding of Blockchain and its Application

We know that Hong Kong is a vibrant and diverse society, but it is far from an inclusive on with equal opportunities. We need broader public support and realization of the true and philanthropic uses of the blockchain technology enabling financial freedom for all, achieving total financial inclusion in Hong Kong.


Goal 4

Utilize Sustained and Diversified Resources from the Financial Industry

The financial industry is very wasteful with excess promotional clothing and other products such as stationaries. The Blockchain Association of Hong Kongwill collect all these otherwise good products from our industry members and donate for the needed in Hong Kong.


Goal 5

Be the Best Version of Ourselves as an NGO

We pride ourselves in being a learning organization that wants to be able to not just make an impact, but regularly assess and communicate. Impactful work and accountability to our stakeholder cannot happen without core mission: people, infrastructure and systems. We want to see a resilience and thriving non-profit sector in Hong Kong, built good practice and do our best to be a positive role model.