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PunkWhales: The world’s first private NFT club opens in Hong Kong

The NFT have sparked a lot of interest all across the world. Individuals are becoming increasingly interested in it; celebrities and artists are taking advantage of it; businesses want to use their assets to improve their bottom line (such as CodeNekt in the automotive industry or even vineyards); and governments want to serve and regulate it (as in the case of presidential candidates in South Korea or Ukraine). A new milestone is set to be reached: on April 9, 2022, Hong Kong will welcome the world’s first private NFT club. In this post, we’ll first describe the PunkWhales Group, and then we’ll look at three interesting uses of the NFT that this club has implemented.

Description of the first private club based on NFTsThe PunkWhales Club introduced a revolutionary membership system based on the purchase of NFT in order to obtain a “membership.” It is quite simple to join the world’s first decentralised club. In fact, all you have to do is purchase one of his two NFT offers: the PunkWhales Club BLUE Membership or the PunkWhales Club BLACK Membership. The club’s NFT memberships will be available on April 9th. The BLUE card is worth 2,4 ETH, while the BLACK card is worth 4,15 ETH.

These “membership” offers will provide members access to the Clubhouse (whose specific location in Hong Kong will be determined by NFT holders), which will include a Japanese omakase restaurant, a cigar lounge, a cocktail bar, and private meeting rooms open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (pour les membres du Club BLACK uniquement).

The NFT, as well as club membership tickets, can be redeemed. The use of NFTs as a means of joining a private club opens up many more possibilities for the token. Specifically, to revolutionise ticketing systems. This model does not include any charges or annual fees, but that is not all. Holders of NFTs may also generate income or invest by renting out their club membership on or selling their membership on secondary markets such as Rarible and Opensea. On the one hand, it’s interesting to note that NFTs may be used as tickets to real-world events. On the other hand, they may be redeemed at any time, increasing the flexibility and liquidity for ticket holders.

The NFT are real-world sources of “rewards.” Another novel aspect of this system is the idea of using NFT as a “pass” to get access to high-end leisure activities, for example. The owner of a PunkWhales Club membership has access to private restaurants, pubs, hairdressers, and lounges. To be honest, while an NFT is nice to have in the virtual world, it may also bring benefits and rewards to the real world.

The NFT are community builders. Finally, this exclusive club, which is based on the detention of an NFT serving as an admissions ticket, perfectly exemplifies the NFT’s federative character. Effectively, a strong community forms around an NFT on a regular basis. In the case of the PunkWhales Club, this community will be bolstered by the fact that it will meet in person.

At this time, the only issue is whether this use of NFT will soon be available in France. For the time being, there isn’t a high-end private club, but there are plenty of communities, such as the Panthéon Business Club, which brings together French businesses and is only accessible with an NFT card.


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