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Blockchain application is diverse so as Hong Kong

Beside the application on Cryptocurrency, blockchain has its ability in other industries, like Auto-Mobility, Investor Technology, Energy and Life Science and Healthcare.


Relentless in our pursuit of better mobility and logistics, blockchain could help us in never stop connecting you with the world and make aglobal reach. Innovating for a better future, blockchain aids to add to your competitive edge. Pioneering to take the transparency and record tracing in logistics, itkeeps you ahead of the curve. And powering the industry forward and to accelerate with business growth.

Investor Technology

Blockchain will boost the transparency of proxy voting and supporting analytics in the future of proxy voting and investor relations in blockchain applications. Some believe that blockchain technology may be used to enhance the protection of election voting and promote more participation. Constituents will vote using their cell phones or computers. Only one vote per person was allowed.


Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the energy sector. The energy industry has been consistently catalyzed by innovations including rooftop solar, electric vehicles, and smart metering. Now, the Enterprise Ethereum blockchain presents itself as the next emerging technology to spur growth in the energy sector through its smart contracts and systems interoperability. Of the many use cases for blockchain, energy and sustainability are often less recognized.

Life Science and Healthcare

Many companies in the healthcare industryare thinking about how blockchain might helpsolve one of the industry’s biggest problems:Data security and standardization. Doctors and insurers don’t really exchange data these days. Patients must obtain copies of their medical records on their own. Personal health information, medical history and medications, clinical trials, and medical research will all benefit from blockchain’s ledger technology.And all healthcare participants (e.g.,doctors, surgeons, pharmacists, insurers, patients) would haveaccess to that secure ledger of data.