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About Us

The Blockchain Association of Hong Kong (BCAHK) is managed by a team of Blockchain business leaders in Hong Kong. BCAHK are led by a core committee who deeply cares about the future of Blockchain in Hong Kong. We are not-for-profit and we exist to empower every person in Hong Kong with applied Blockchain technologies. Our Members come from diverse backgrounds ranging from Individual Members to International Financial Institutions. We also strive to work closely with the industry to represent a unified voice for the Blockchain industry in Hong Kong.

Who we are

  • Mission
    We exist to empower and connect the blockchain industry to represent a voice for the industry
  • Vision
    We believe in a Hong Kong where blockchain can benefit every demography of Hong Kong
  • Values
    Empowerment, Transparency and Change
  • Our Community
    Our team and members come from diverse backgrounds. We are stronger together.

Our Story

In 2020, When the World was hit with a lot of uncertaintiescaused by Covid-19, The Blockchain Association of Hong Kong was established with one question in mind: In an age of increasing uncertainty and intolerance, how can we as a collective of the Blockchain industry make a positive change in Hong Kong?

We believe the answer rests with communities themselves, harnessing our own powers to build a collective voice and bring about positive socioeconomical changes in Hong Kong.

Our Organization Culture

In our first three years we have just as much attention and focus to defining The Blockchain Association of Hong Kong. Collectively, we defined BCAHK’s identity as:

• The power of collective voices
• A reflective and inclusive culture
• Members’ support and collaboration
• Courage to innovate
• Resilience and adaptability

Our Strategic Goals

Goal 1

Nurture young Blockchain entrepreneur leaders of tomorrow in Hong Kong

Goal 2

Connect and strengthen the relationship between the local and International Blockchain community

Goal 3

Raise public awareness and understanding of Blockchain and its application

Goal 4

Utilize sustained and diversified resources from the Financial Industry

Goal 5

Be the best version of ourselves as an NGO

Our Supervisory Board

Meet our board members and administrative team here.

Get Involved

Join the biggest and most comprehensive Blockchain community in Hong Kong SAR and to further develop inthe Guangdong-HongKong-MacaoGreater Bay Area.

We offer student, individual and corporate membership.

We organise over 30 events annually.

Get the latest insights from industry experts.

Talk to our team today if you want to learn more about partnership opportunities.